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Kingdom Worker Ministries has links to several social media sites where you can stay connected with this ministry.  For your covinience, below is a current list of the media sites we are linked to.  Please feel free to join us on any of these sites.  And remember, if you any of these links are a blessings to you, please share them with your friends so that they can be blessed by them as well.  Each of these sites are used as an outreach for Kingdom Worker Ministries.

A Daily Word On Facebook

Now you can follow us on Facebook.  That’s right; we have a Facebook Page, where we offer a daily word or two for those who have an ear to hear.  This daily word may be in the form of a single thought or idea for the day or it may be in the form of a mini devotional lesson series, all on a variety of topics, all designed to be thought provoking.  Feel free to Like/Comment/Share any of our post.  And do not forget to LIKE our page so that you can get our updates in your News Feed.

A Daily Word On Google+

You can also follow us on Google+.  Much like our Facebook Page, we have a similar Google+ Page, where we offer the same daily word or two for those who have an ear to hear.  So if you have a Google+ account, check out our daily word.  Feel free to +1/Share/Comment any of our post.  For Google, add us to one of your circles so our post will show up in your stream.  By the way, while you are there +1 our page.

The KW Group - A Google Community

Google+ Community
We also have a Google+ community that you are invited to join.  Our community is open to all who come with an open mind, an open heart, and in the right spirit.  We are seekers of truth, seeking to discover those hidden truths contained in God’s word.  We encourage all to post those things that God has placed on your heart, for you never know when what you have to say may elevate someone to the next level.  Questions are welcomed, just keep in mind we seek truth, we never claim to have all the truth, but just maybe, we can collectively find the answer as a community.  If this sounds like the place for you, we would love to have you join us.

A Daily Word On Twitter


We can also be found on Twitter, where you can get the same daily word or two.  So, if you have a Twitter account, follow us at @KW_Ministries.  To track all of our past post, check them out at #KWMinistries.  And do not forget to retweet any post that you would like to share with your followers.

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