Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sin vs Sin, This Is Not A Play On Words Part-7

The Conclusion

Many believers use some type of dictionary to aide them in their studies.  In an attempt to gain a better understanding of certain words, we have used Strong’s Concordance, Smith’s Bible Dictionary, Easton’s Bible Dictionary, and Vine’s Expository Dictionary.  Normally, what the dictionary defines a word to be is what we tend to accept and believe that word to be.  But have you ever wondered how a word gets into the dictionary?  We discovered that the dictionary is not designed to tell us what a word means.  The dictionary is designed to give us the correct word spelling, to tell us the history of a word, to tell us how that word has been used throughout the years, and to tell us when it first appeared in the language.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sin vs Sin, This Is Not A Play On Words Part-6

So, God has taken the sinless Christ and poured into him the sins of the world.  And in exchange, God poured his goodness into us.  Therefore, it is with Christ, the same as it was with Adam.  The independent actions of each of these men affected the entire human race.  First, there was the principle of imputation that reduced all men to the same ultimate condition, making all men sinners, because of the offense of one man.  Then, there was the principle of imputation that provided for all men the same ultimate answer, giving all men the opportunity to become the righteousness of God, because of the obedience of another man.