Sunday, January 15, 2012

The First Post

Welcome to the official blog of a Kingdom Worker, a new blog designed to increase awareness, to improve understanding, to deepen knowledge, and to inspire all to walk in truth.  As we seek truth, we share and by sharing, we grow.  As we grow, we gain knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, which enable us to discern all of the hidden truths that have been so carefully and methodically placed throughout the Bible for all to find.

We fully understand that truth is limited, open to or having more than one possible meaning or interpretation, especially when deliberately expressed in an ambiguous way.  Limited truth causes uncertainty or confusion and is often used in an attempt to mislead.  Limited truth comes from a lack of knowledge, a lack of understanding, and a lack of revelation from God.  The truth corresponds to fact and reality and is generally believed to be unconditional, believed to be absolute.  It is unequivocally complete, not dependent upon any other thing, and not capable of being viewed as partial or relative.  Truth is limited to the width of your belief and the depth of your desire, receiving only that which you believe, according to your faith.

This blog is designed to help you escape that which confines you so that you can diligently search the mysteries that can only be unlocked from within, within one’s self,  through the continued refreshing of reason, while striving to properly separate truth-absolute.  Only God can open your eyes to see the wonderful things in his word and reveal to mature Christians the truths he has hidden within the scriptures.  Illumination by the Holy Spirit allows you to see and hear God’s divine word with understanding, revealing to you his secrets.