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Welcome to “A Kingdom Worker’s Blog Spot Devotional Collection.”  Here your will find a collection of the devotionals that we have posted in our blog.  Please peruse through our collection because you never know, you just might find motivation, inspiration, and/or even encouragement in one of our devotionals.  Should you find a devotional that blesses you, please remember those friends who could also benefit for the message and be a blessing to others by sharing the blessings.  We are truly blessed by you stopping by and greatly appreciate you perusing our collection.  Remember, to always thank God for all of your blessings and to enjoy each and every one of them, because when you really get to counting them, they do be many.  Continued blessings.

“A Kingdom Worker’s Blog Spot Devotional Archieves”

A Faith Fight
A Member Of The Body
A Perfect Friend
A Relationship With God
Accept God’s Acceptance
Accept Jesus As Your Righteousness
According To Your Faith
Actively Receive
All Things Are Possible
Always Be Thankful
Always Put God First
An Ugly Tree
Are You Psalm 91 Equipped?
Are You Strong In The Lord?
Bad News
Be A Giver
Be A Minister
Be An Encourager
Be Heaven’s Ambassador
Be Quick To Listen
Be Slow To Speak
Be Thankful
Be Thankful For What You Have
Believe You Receive When You Pray
Beware Of Pride
By Faith We Receive From God
Choose Life Words
Claim Back Everything The Devil Has Stolen!
Claim Prosperity!
Come And Enter Into His Rest
Cursed By Blessings?
Delay Is Not Denial
Destroyed For Lack Of Knowledge
Do Not Be Afraid
Do You Know God?
Does God Choose When We Die?
Don't Be Afraid To Die
Don’t Give Up!
Don't Grow Weary
Don't Judge By Appearance
Don’t Talk Too Much
Don’t Wait For Tomorrow
Don’t Worry
Endure Hardship
Enjoy The Lord
Enjoy Your Salvation
Eternal Life
Faith Is A Choice
Faith Is Released Through Words
Faith Is The Victory
Faith Pleases God
Father's Faithfulness
Fear Of The Lord
Fight The Good Fight Of Faith
Focus On Jesus
Follow God Not People
Get Answers To Prayer
Get Out Of Your Cave
Gift Or Purchase?
Give Attention To My Words
Give Your Burdens To God
Giving Is Not The Main Ingredient In Prosperity
Giving Is Planting Seed
Giving Money Is One Way To Show Honor
God Allows What You Allow
God Can Be Trusted
God Cannot Lie
God Cares
God Does Not Play Favorites
God Encoruages
God Gave Us Dominion
God Gives Seed
God Has A Plan
God Has Already Forgiven You
God Has Already Given
God Has Reconciled Your Spirit
God Is A Genius
God Is An Artist
God Is Bigger Than Your Box
God Is Dependable
God Is Good
God Is Like Jesus
God Is Not A Killer
God Is Not A Liar
God Is Not Angry With You
God Is Not Guilty
God Is Not Your Problem
God Is Rich In Mercy
God Loves A Cheerful Giver
God Loves You
God Loves You More Than You Love Yourself
God Plays No Favorites
God Sees Ahead
God Will Provide
God Will Save Your Family
God’s Covenant of Words
God’s Mercy
God’s Way Is Best
God’s Word In Your Mouth
God’s Word Is Alive
God’s Word Is A Seed
God’s Word Is Settled
God's Word Is Vital
God’s Word Makes You Free
Got Wisdom? Got Understanding?
Great Things Happen When You Believe
Great Things Happen When You Believe - Part II
Grow Up!
Hang On!
Harvest Is Coming
Have A Happy Life
Have A Word Harvest
Help, Mate!
Hindered By Limited Truth
How Do I Get Faith?
How Do I Know When I Have Faith?
How Many Sons Does God Have?
How Many Times Should I Ask God For Something?
How To Change
How To Minister Healing
I Am Wrong
I Don’t Agree With Other Preachers
I Now Believe God Loves Me
If God Loves Me...?
If You Don’t Know What To Believe
Imitate God
In Everything Give Thanks
Is All The Bible True?
Is Money Your God? - 2015
Is Money Your God? - 2024
Jesus, Do You Really Know Him?
Jesus Does Not Force Us Out Of Our Boat
Jesus Is Coming Back
Jesus Is Lord
Jesus Is Lord!
Jesus Is The Only Way
Jesus Is The Resurrection
Jesus Is Your Righteousness
Jesus Never Fails
Jesus Paid For Your Prosperity
Jesus’ Invitation
Keep Your Eyes On The Prize
Keep Your Heart With All Diligence
Keep Your Word
Life Can Be Tough Too
Life Is Good
Light and Easy
Live Long and Strong
Love Gives
Love Your Neighbor As Yourself
Magnify God
Make Prayer A Habit
Make Room For Jesus
Mankind's Dominion
Meeting Together
Morally Corrupt And Spiritually Dead
Mustard Seed Faith
No Christian Bats 1000
Offering Time
On Earth As It Is In Heaven
Open Eyes
Overcome That Problem You Face
Pay Your Teachers
Plead The Blood
Plug Into The Source Of All Truth
Pray To Be Enlightened
Prayer Guidelines
Prayer Strengthens You
Prosperity God’s Way
Prosperity Pleases God
Put God First
Redeemed By His Blood
Rejoice In The Lord Always
Rejoice In Trouble
Remember Me
Resist The Devil By Faith
Rest A While
Right Standing With God Is A Gift
Selfish Love
Serve The Lord With Gladness
Sin Hurts
Sin Is Deadly
Sprinkle The Blood
Take What God Has Given You
Tell Satan Where To Go
Thank God For You!
Thank You!
The Benefit Of Prayer
The Bible Gives You Instructions For Victory
The Blessing Of The Lord Will Make You Rich
The Blood Speaks
The Cure For Weak Faith
The Deceitfulness of Riches
The Difference Between God And Satan
The Fall Of The Devil
The Future Begins Today
The Gift of Grace
The Gift Of Righteousness
The God Of Peace
The Greater One Is In You
The Holy Spirit Will Teach You
The Joy Of The Lord Is Your Strength
The Lord Changes Not
The Message Of Reconciliation
The Professions Of Your Faith
The Purpose Of Life
The Rich Man's Problem
The Wages Of Sin
The Weapon Of The Spirit
The Wisdom Of God In A Mystery
Think You Know Something?
To Become Like Jesus
To See God, Look At Jesus
Train Your Children
Trust In God
Walk In Love
Was God A Bad Guy?
We Receive From God By Faith
What Are Alms?
What Does God Want From Me?
What Is Bible Meditation?
What Is Faith?
What Is God Like?
What Is Sin?
What Is The Devil's Authority?
What Is The Kingdom Of God?
What You Say Is What You Get
Whatever You Allow
When To Rejoice
When You Hurt, You Are Not Alone
When You Sin
Who Can Be Against Us?
Who Is Right?
Whom Do You Walk After?
Why I Speak In Tongues
Why Pray?
Why Read The Bible?
Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing
Words Steer Your Life
You Are A Child Of God
You Are A Spirit
You Are God’s Work Of Art
You Are Forgiven
You Are Healed
You Are Not A Loser
You Are Not Under The Law
You Are Now A Giver
You Are Part Of Christ's Body On Earth
You Are Rich Because Of What Jesus Did
You Can Cast Out Demons
You Can Do All Things Through Christ
You Can Live In The Kingdom Of Love
You Choose!
You Don’t Face Life All Alone
You Have A Purpose
You Have Authority Over The Devil
You Have Guaranteed Provisions
You Must Be Born Twice
You Must Control The Devil
Your Every Hair Is Numbered
Your Hairs Are Numbered

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