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The Truth Tree:  ...finding truth amidst the distractions  ....establishing strong roots based on undeniable truths.

Would you like to establish a better relationship with God?  Would you like to enhance your Christian walk?  Would you like to understand the truth about the scriptures that God has given you?  Would you like to comprehend the truth of the scriptures that comes from a higher level of perception, a higher level of discernment, and a higher level of understanding?

This book was written to help you answer these questions and many, many more.  This book will help open your mind that you might understand, help open your spiritual eyes that you might see, and help open your spiritual ears, that you might hear (Matthew 13:9-16).  “The Truth Tree” will help you do that.

Available for purchase on Amazon in Kindle $9.99 and Paperback $19.99 formats.  Order your copy today!!!

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