Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thinking, Who Would Have Thought? – Part E

Do you really think that God can be contained within the same restrictions that have been placed on a thinking process that you have been so conditioned for your entire life?  What about the things of God, do you think they be contained within the same restrictions?  Do you suppose God intended for his word to be limited to these same restrictions?

No, we do not believe that God intended for there to be any limitations placed on our thinking process.  You see, the word of God is multidimensional, forever pregnant, giving birth to more and more revelation each time one seeks to find enlightenment.  For this reason, you cannot be a “convergent thinker” when it comes to understanding the word of God.  You cannot be limited in any way when it comes to God and the things of God.

You have to become a “divergent thinker,” one who can generate creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions, which will improve your ability to think, build confidence in your ability to reason, and encourage the growth and development of your ability to problem solve.  You have to be able to use “divergent thinking” in order to freely explore in a spontaneous, free-flowing manner the many possible solutions that exist when it comes to the many questions that are generated from studying the word of God.  You have to be able to use “divergent thinking” in order to receive the wisdom that God has told you to get.  You have to be able to use “divergent thinking” in order to receive the understanding that God has told you to get.

“Get wisdom, get understanding: forget it not; neither decline (turn away) from the words of my mouth.  Forsake her (wisdom) not, and she shall preserve thee: love her, and she shall keep thee.  Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding” (Proverbs 4:5-7).

God wants you to get wisdom.  God wants you to get understanding.  God wants you to learn to be wise.  God wants you to learn to develop good judgment.  God wants you to learn to have common sense.  This is not something that you can do when you have restrictions on your thinking process.  God tells you to cling to wisdom because she will protect and preserve you.  God tells you to love wisdom and she will guard and keep you.  Determination to be wise is the most important step to becoming wise.  To obtain wisdom one must earnestly seek it, much like a prospector searching for gold, which cannot be obtained through the “convergent thinking process.”

“My son, if thou wilt receive my words, and hide (treasure) my commandments with thee; so that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom, and apply thine heart to understanding; yea, if thou criest after knowledge (discernment), and liftest up thy voice for understanding; if thou seekest her as silver, and searchest for her as for hid treasures; then shalt thou understand the fear (reverential awe) of the Lord, and find the knowledge of God” (Proverbs 2:1-5).

God is saying that whoever listens to his words and obeys his instructions, it is he who will be given wisdom and good sense.  God says, if you are crying out for good sense, if your request is for knowledge, if you are calling out for discernment, or if you want better insight and are searching for these things as you would for lost money or hidden treasure, then wisdom will be given you and you will soon learn the importance of reverence for the Lord and of trusting him.

We encourage you to remove your “convergent thinking cap” and put on your “divergent thinking cap” so that you can think outside of the box.  We encourage you to put on your “divergent thinking cap” so that you can escape the boxes of the traditional teachings about God and the things of God.

Remember our discussion on “convergent thinking.”  The power of suggestion plays a major role in the convergent thinking process.  If you remember, convergent thinking is a process where you are conditioned to give correct answers to standardize questions, which does not require any significant level of creativity on your part.  We discovered that convergent thinking has been a major contributor to everything that has involved your ability to think and your ability to learn.  We discovered it was very prevalent part of your entire existence.  We discovered that you were inundated with information, basically told what to think, what to say, and what to do, without ever realizing that you had been hypnotized, oops, we mean without ever realizing that this had happened to you.

If you were to really think about it, you would find that your whole life you have been surrounded by people who have suggested or presented things to you for you to accept as truth.  Case in point, this blog spot is doing the very thing we are currently talking about.  Anyway, think about it, from an early age, you have followed this system of thoughts, ideas, and suggestions with little thought as to whether the thoughts, ideas, or suggestions were true or not.  The sad part is that you have not realized that all of those earlier thoughts, ideas, and suggestions were used as the basic building blocks for whom you have become.

For example, your religious beliefs have all come from the thoughts, ideas, and suggestions of those you have placed your trust in, accepting those things as truth without ever looking to see if the thought, idea, or suggestion be true or false.  So, what do you think happens when the thoughts, ideas, or suggestions are misguided or false?  What do you think the chances are that the foundation of your belief system has been adversely affected?  Who would have thought?

Enjoy your blessings. - KW

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