Sunday, April 19, 2015

Devotion: The Bible Gives You Instructions For Victory

Most of us have a bible or two in our possession that we open from time to time to read, to study, to find encouragement, to be inspired or for various other reasons; too numerous to list here.  In fact, the scriptures tell us that the whole Bible “was given to us by inspiration from God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives; it straightens us out and helps us do what is right.  It is God’s way of making us well prepared at every point, fully equipped to do good to everyone” (II Timothy 3:16-17).  Basically, it is our instruction manual and our source for all things God.  The problem for many is that we do not understand the Bible, much less fully knowing its purpose.  The misunderstandings surrounding this book have only led to many heated debates, which have only served to confuse those who try to gain some type of understanding from the one source that is supposed to instruct us.

First, we need to understand that the Bible is a mystery book with many secrets, hidden in plain sight just waiting to be found.  As one person put it, “The Bible is a coded book, written as a kind of jigsaw puzzle creating a series of smaller picture within an overall picture that only becomes clear in meaning when one properly pieces together all passages on a subject.”  It is only when we find the keys that we able to unlock the mysteries or put together the puzzle pieces that allow us to understand the word of God that is contained in the Bible.  Next, we need to trust that God has given instructions, that when followed, will allow us to find those keys that will help with our understanding of those divine revelations from God.  God has told us to seek wisdom and know-how (Proverbs 4:5-7), to listen carefully to his words and to pay close attention to what is being said (Proverb 4:20-22), to meditate on them day and night (Joshua 1:8), and to study and to rightly divide the word of truth (II Timothy 2:15) as part of the things we need to do.

Finally, we need to open our mind and open our heart so that we may see and hear the truths that God is trying to reveal to us through his Spirit.  We may have to do a little work in order to find truth and understanding, like stepping outside of or climbing over the walls of traditionalism or denominationalism that have kept many in bondage.  In doing so, we can remove any confusion, enabling us to grasp the meaning of all of the things of God.  It has been said, “A closed mind can only grow within the limits of its enclosure; an open mind grows with endless possibilities.”

We forever pray that this inspirational messages will abundantly bless you, greatly inform you, and that you will be the better for having read it.  If blessed by this message please share so that others may be blessed as well.  Amen.

Enjoy your blessings - KW

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